DogSafe™ | Pet Containment in the Greater Nashville Area

Humane & Effective Peace-Of-Mind!

They’re our best friends, our unfailing companions, our family. They deserve the same care in learning their boundaries as you give them every day. You deserve to know your investment in their safety will be worthwhile.

We make it happen.


Take $100 off a new system and get TWO DAYS OF FREE TRAINING!

Fences starting at $1095.00.

Training & Partnership

We partner with pets and pet parents to do it right. The first time. We utilize the safe-area training method, state-of-the-art technology, and guaranteed workmanship to define our unique, proven DogSafe pet containment experience. Our career experience and well-tested expertise are part of a teamwork approach, and our shared love of dogs is key to the DogSafe Difference.

New System Installation

Save money and time with a new stress-free DogSafe system. Our mastery of installation and maintenance, combined with our expert, uniquely-humane training program are the ideal combination for maximum value. Over twenty years of experience are behind the DogSafe name, and that confident and capable knowledge-base enables us to be flexible to the changes of our industry as well as your evolving needs, as our ongoing client.

Equipment Repair

Issues with your existing system? Let us dig in.  Our new installs feature reliable equipment and guaranteed workmanship, but not all systems are created equal – and some were not installed correctly to begin with. Of course, even the best gear can sometimes experience issues. DogSafe can diagnose, repair, and replace problematic systems, returning your property to safe status in short order.

It’s a big world out there…

And your dog wants to see it all! As you know, this is not safe for your pup, not ideal for your neighbors or their furry family members, and not the kind of adventure your heart and mind want to go on when your dog goes exploring.